Herbalife Health Coach & Personal Trainer: Jason Kuno


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Jason Kuno
Hey! My name is Jason Kuno from Team JasonKFit. I'll be your personal wellness coach over the next 3 days to help you maximize your results on the 3 day trial pack (Formula 1 Health Meal Mix + Total Control)!

As your coach…I’ll help you develop your meal plan, your exercise routine and the accountability designed to accelerate your results!

My only goal is to help you look and feel amazing over the next 3 days. If you love how you look and feel after your 3 day trial…we can continue working together to achieve your ideal body...and if not…no problem...we can part as friends! Sound fair?

The next step is to connect with me - yes, I’m a real person :) - so I can confirm your shipping address for the 3 day trial pack and discuss your personal goals.

I’ll be giving you a call or text within the next few minutes so be ready for that call :) I'll talk with you soon!

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Try our NEW 3 Day Trial Pack

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